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    Welcome to

    Toys Transporter AB

    Contact us when you need safe and reliable Road Transport Management, Pilot Cars / Escort Vehicles or Courier Transports within Sweden. Call us now +46 413 54 20 90

    About Toys Transporter

    The small company with the big capacity with almost 30 years of experience. We are located in the south of Sweden, just an hour north of Malmoe, close to many major roads, ports and airports.

    Our main market is Sweden but our customers are as well as in Denmark and Norway as in Europe. We are also used to working with countries such as Germany, Holland, Poland, the UK and others, but there is no country in Europe we don’t are able to serve.

    So, when your company need any kind of Road Transport Management or Pilot Cars / Escort Vehicles in Sweden, Denmark or Norway it’s Toys Transporter AB you should contact first!


    Our Services

    Road Transport Management

    In accordance to the Swedish law, as well as in other countries, certain transports demands police escort or licensed Road Transport Management.

    We only provide our own licensed Road Transport Managers, whether you have own Pilot Cars/Escort Vehicles or want to use one of ours.

    Our drivers at Toys Transporter AB are all experienced and properly trained.

    Escort Vehicles / Pilot Cars

    Pilot cars are needed for transports with an increased weight, width or height.  Our Pilot Car service are 100% in accordance with swedish law and helps to ensure that your oversized load reaches its destination not only on time, but also safely and intact. Our Pilot Cars will also help to ensure that drivers of an oversized loads doesn’t accidentally violate traffic laws while moving loads or cause an accident.

    Unlike most, we have own pilot cars in order to guarantee the highest quality of our Pilot Car and Escort Vehicle services!